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Graphic education

06/2013 Foundation Course at HGB Leipzig with Markus Dreßen
10/2013 Participant at Parallel School, Berlin
10/2013 Exhibition, Prints made in Leipzig, Budapest
06/2014 Systemdesign Class with Oliver Klimpel, HGB Leipzig
10/2014 Graphic Designer at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Leipzig
03/2014 After School Club in Offenbach, Workshop with Rejane dal Bello
04/2014 Participant at Parallel School, Glasgow
06/2014 Chaumont Graphic Design Festival, Workshop with Colophon
07/2014 Exhibition, Möbu, Leipzig
02/2015 Exhibition, Rundgang Review, Leipzig
06/2015 Exhibition, Explicit Content, Leipzig
08/2015 Organizer of Parallel School, Leipzig
10/2014 Systemdesign Class with Maureen Mooren, HGB Leipzig
04/2017 Internship at HORT, Berlin
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