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Multiplayer Jeronim
Exhibition Design (August 2017)

I worked on the whole design for the exhibition. Including posters in 3 different sizes, roomplan, banners, walltexts and flyers. The artist Jeronim Horvat is a fresh newcomer, who works mostly in sculpture, but also in painting and graphic. He is experimenting a lot and deals with popular hints and visual triggers on gaming & gambling. The exhibition at Kunstverein Wasserburg was curated by Nils Philippi.
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Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
Record Sleeve, Redesign (October, 2017)

(Exerpt: It´s Nice That) "To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Buzzcocks’ single Orgasm Addict, a new exhibition sees 120 creatives reworking the original cover for a new exhibition. Curated by the original designer Malcolm Garrett and DR.ME, the only restrictions given were that the designs had to use the original blue and yellow Pantone 286 colours and be sized at 7×7 inches." I worked on the redesign in the name of HORT.
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PAGE-Magazin contribution
Design + Interview (October 2016)

For their 30th birthday, PAGE Magazin was inviting 30 Designers under the age of 30 from Germany, Austria and Swiss. I was one of them and able to design a contribution that was printed in Gallery Print and curated by Boris Brumnjak. The issue was published with an interview, which you can read here. I also edited a video, for the online Version of PAGE, to tease the contribution, watch it here.
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Poster + Flyer (June 2017)

Cascade is a Performance by Emmilou Rößling, based in Gießen. You can attend here. The performance is about hiding and moving on stage. I organised the poster as a carpet, you find the information woven into the design. There are two dates to discover, the premiere in June and 3 months later, two dates in Frankfurt / Mousonturm. The mood of the design is meant to be dark and moisty, like a gaze into a unknown cave.
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Weltformat - Students Competition
Poster (August 2017)

Every year, students from all over the world are invited by Weltformat to contribute a poster-design. This years topic was "Detours" and my design was choosen to be displayed in the streets of Luzern. Out of some 1000 entries from 450 students a jury sorted out the last 20 participating posters. The winner will be announced on 23th of September. Cross fingers for me!
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Poster (August 2017)

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We call it Disneyland by Fine Bieler
Fotobook (February 2016)

"We call it Disneyland" is a hardcover fotobook in the format 21 × 28cm. It has 191 pages and consists out of 7 series, photographed in Israel by Fine Bieler. The book was part of her diploma and contains descriptions for each series. The cover is fake leather and screenprinted, the pages are stiched and I used two different kinds of paper, one for the introducing textpages in the beginning of the book and one for the pages with the series. Each serie is represented with a different graphic decision, but mixed together without chronological reference.
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404 World Tour
Flag (February 2017)

For a collective work, the class of Systemdesign founded a fictive Band. The name of the band was 404 and we exhibited the Bands Backstageroom in Rundgang 2017. Therefore I arranged works from students of my class for the Tour Flag. The shirt with the printed tourdates on it, is from Christian Hofer. The cherry formed award is from Paula Hohengarten. The towel is from Jasper Eisenecker.
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Landscape Software Anti-Virus
Flyer (February 2017)

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Exhibition + Design (Juli 2016)

I started working with clay in my freetime and decided to make an exhibition about that time killing habit. The exhibition consists out of 30 pieces. All of the figures are showing different behaviour of procrastination. Some examples: painting your nails, picking flowers, taking a long bath, getting drunk, etc. I will set up an online gallery soon, but it will take time...
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Fruit of the Doom
Poster (Juli 2017)

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Illegalität und Körper
Design, Flyer, Reader, Bag (April 2017)

"Illegalität und Körper" took place in Leipzig an is announced as a conference, concerning body awareness in different contexts. Seven contributions in different formats where put together and organized by the artists. I designed a perforated flyer, which was spread before the event and used as a backcover for the reader, during the conference. I also designed a screenprinted bag, which you can still buy for 7 Euro plus shipping. Contact me.
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The Awakening:
Newspaper section (February 2016)

The awakening is my contribution to a complete newspaper, that was made by the Systemdesignclass in the course of a semester. Therefore I refer to the idea of a fotostory, thats story line is the merge and the fusion between different media, like print and film. You can order it, contact me.
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Café Cantona
Menue + Redesign (November 2016)

Café Cantona is located in Leipzig and offers a big spectrum of culinary adventures. I organized their large range of food an drinks on DinA4 format/black and white, to keep it easy, to reprint or to replace positions. I also refreshed the logo.
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Whenever I have the possibility, I design for parties, concerts or any low budget, cultural events.
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Borders of the Gesture
Exhibition Design (August 2016)

The exhibition project was curated by Carolin Kahl and Olga Vostretsova. It was accompanied by a set of discussions, performances and lectures. I designed a folder with the program and a poster. Here you can read a review about the exhibition itself. The interessting aspect about the curation was the thematisation of political awareness in an artistic context.
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Drifting Socially - Slipping Aesthetically
Folder (August 2016)

In the course of the happening, interventions in public space in the west of Leipzig where made and documented. Performance, graffiti, poster, objects & workshops. Held by artists from Leipzig and Yerevan, the outcome was shown in one gathering evening. I designed this folder, wich remindes on the gesture of ripping of a poster from a wall to look, whats behind. I also designed a font for the headline. The folder contains both, the text part, when you first open it and a poster with the basic information.
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Spontaneous Frameworks:
Exhibition Design, Font (April 2015)

Spontaneous frameworks is a curatorial project by Kristina Semenova. The exhibition showcases works of students from Leipzig and invited artists and architects from Tiblisi, the captial of Georgia. Three exhibitions ran parallel in three different locations and therefore, I designed a collectable magazine, the visitor can complement, by seeing all of the three exhibitions. The poster and the folder design where inspired by imagening a place, I have never been, but beeing confronted with the work of photographers, who spent time there. I developed a font, inspired by the georgian letters. The exhibitions where accompanied by a discursive frameprogram. The diverstiy of the proposal made this project intense and complex.
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Tuesday Film Matinee
Poster (April 2016)

For a series of movies, that refer to our semester topic "memory", I designed this poster. The screening is set up by the System Design class of HGB Leipzig, but everybody is invited to join every second Tuesday at 10 o´clock in the morning.
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Angelika Waniek:
Poster/Exhibition design (Juni 2015)

For this serial poster concept, I worked together with Angelika Waniek, who is a performance artist, based in Leipzig. Since her work isn´t haptic, I looked for a solution to make it visible. The trigger for this cooperation was Angelika´s nomination for the annual WIN WIN exhibition in Halle 14, wich is hosted by the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and gives upcoming artists the possibility to present their work and opens with the acquisition of the selected artists and their contributions. An easy structure, consisting out of a place holder, a yellow frame and the added title of the performance is the base of the concept. Each poster is personalized by a portrait of Angelika, which reflects the performativ work in one gesture and a little booklet, that contains thoughts and text of hers. The whole structure offers a platform for diverse approaches of performative work and is expandable. The Kulturstiftung decided to buy her work and now the posters are part of the collection.
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Sunken Souffle:
Flyer (September 2015)

I made this Flyer for an exhibition of Felix Amerbacher. He is an artist, based in Düsseldorf. His work is sculptural and mostly out of concrete.
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Explicit Content: Flyer (June, 2015)
You only live once: Illustrations (June 2015)

Me and friends, Amelie Göppel and Paula Tobia König, set up an exhibition together. I designed the Flyer for the Event. I took the Ö´s in our last names, and used them as pig noses for the design. We organized a great, piggish vernissage-party as well. For the exhibition, I painted huge crime scenes, in an infantine, direct way. The series consists of six paintings and thematizes life and death and everything else. It is called "You only live once".
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Wissen/ Handeln im Anthropozän:
Folder (Nov 2014)

I developed this folder for the Autodidaktische Initiative, based in Leipzig. The events refer to an exhibition that was shown in HKW in Berlin for two years, called Das Anthropozän-Projekt. "The Anthropocene" is an geologic chronological term for the epoch that began when human activities had a significant global impact on the Earth's ecosystems. In the course of the weeks, the group around ADI developed rounds of talks and different approaches towarts awareness. The folder is stuctured with basic, illustrated informations on the front and a timeline on the back. It works as wall paper, as well as folder and contains a lot of information on a minimum of paper. It was printed in Risoklub Leipzig.
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Always Ultra:
Comic Booklet (March 2015)

The annual Millionaires Club takes place in Leipzig and was the reason for me, to release a booklet, that contains Comics, I draw in the course of the last year. I structured it like a obituary to a forgotten artist, whose discovery leaves the reader impressed. In addition, i developed "Egg Press", a fictive publisher for the masterpiece. The cover is screenprinted and the inner sides are risoprinted. You can buy it, contact me
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Megaparty at 109:
Poster, Flyer (since Januar 2014)

The Design of the 109-Events always come in kingsize Din A 0, black and white posters. They are spread rarely in the surroundings of the "Megaparty" and work more as flags, that bring back a memory you still have from the last party.
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Repairing broken ships:
Exhibition, Poster (March 2014)

The work was developed in the course of the After School Club 3 in Offenbach, in a workshop with Rejane dal Bello. Therefore I collected trashed objects from the streets and reconstructed them as ships. For the presentation I prepared a short introduction: "As you can see, I went out for a walk in the neighborhood an collected all broken ships, I could find. I documented the progress of reconstruction in the poster, although I am sure, there are much more ships out there. I want you, to question the state of materiality. My work is about transformation an imagination. Anything can become a ship. And a ship can become the beginning of an adventure again. This endless chain of observation, invention and construction explains, what it means for me, to be a designer. Sailing, pirates and pleasure."
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Chaumont Pathfinder:
Font (May 2014)

In a one-week-workshop with Colophon, while "Chaumont graphic festival" I developed a typeface, that is based on the idea of digitalising classic graffiti writing, the overlaying arrows, attached forms and confusing set ups. Each letter has four different faces. My work became part of the annual Typodarium 2016, a precise curated calendar, that presents new typefaces every day of the year. Check out their webpage and get your own.
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Poster (Jan 2013)

The Din A0 Poster is the outcome of reworking a task from the foundation course. It interprets the appearance of the the typeface Futura, from Paul Renner, designed in 1927.

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